Hair transplant London – Price and procedure

Male Pattern Baldness has been around since the beginning of times, with remedies aplenty following in its path. Unfortunately, most of these “remedies” have been nothing but “pie in the sky” claims and have done nothing to advance the growth of hair. In 2020 there are some drugs which can slow or stop the growth of hair loss, although many of these come with dangerous side-effects. The only proven way to regain that full head of hair is with an FUE Hair Transplant with a qualified clinic and doctors.

Hair transplant London cost - Hair clinic in Budapest, Hungary

The FUE Procedure is only for those suffering from Male Pattern Baldness which is usually the culprit for hair loss among men. The “Symptoms” usually include the aging receding hairline as well as thinning hair on the crown of the head. For a successful hair transplant, there must be enough donor hairs for the process to take shape. The sooner you have the procedure done, the better the outcome when done at a younger age.

The FUE Procedure which has been around for a while in many iterations keeps improving as the technology and science become more advanced. After weighing all your options for regaining that full head of hair, you will eventually conclude that the FUE Procedure is the best solution. Painless, Scar-Free, Natural Looking, and Affordable, you will be amazed at the results which will set you on a path to a new self.

What is the Cost of an FUE Hair Transplant in London?

As an International Metropolis, London provides many high-end clinics for those able to afford them. Hair Transplants are not covered through the NHS and in most cases must be paid out of pocket. On Harley Street, which is the go-to location for any medical procedure, the cost can range between £4,000 and £15,000. A hearty sum for any person and unaffordable for the average working man in the UK.

Thankfully there are many options for those looking for an affordable and quality Hair Transplant Procedure. Budapest, Hungary which is the Medical Tourism capital of Europe is well equipped and highly regarded for affordable transplants. Our Hair Clinic in Budapest performs over 600 transplants per year and is one of the top destinations for overseas patients. Our clinic has one specialty, and that is FUE Transplants for men. Unlike many other elective surgery clinics, ours is solely focused on providing the best in Europe. There are no PRP, Rigenera, Mamba or any other types of hair treatments with us.

Hair transplant abroad – Turkey, Poland, Hungary and NOW in London

On top of the quality and affordability of our clinic, patients travel to our clinic because of its location in the EU (European Union). As a member in good standing, Hungarian clinics must abide by all the rules and regulations concerning clinics and doctors, while being certified under EU law. Unlike clinics in Istanbul, Turkey, doctors are the only people that can perform the procedures, which guarantees success and no long-term health or cosmetic issues. Contact us for a free consultation and begin your journey to a more self-confident life! We have decided to open a London clinic for those who cannot or do not want to travel abroad due to corona virus pandemic. Please contact us to find out more!

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